Refer-A-Friend Reward Program

Invite friends, earn money

Do you love helping your friends & making money? So do I.

Refer your friends to help them thrive online with a new professional website.

My refer-a-friend reward program earns you money on any sales you help drive as you spread the word . . . and helps make your friends ridiculously happy too!

Have A Friend who needs a new website?

Get £100, Give 10% off

Your friend gets 10% off their first purchase & you get £100 cash.

Win-win for all.

Start Getting the word out

You don’t have to be an existing customer to be an advocate of CJR Digital Strategy & start pointing mates my way.

Anybody can be ambassador of the blue & orange brand awareness.

If you appreciate my work & recommend me to others, you can start earning commission on each sale.

Check out my portfolio of clients, including Funky Little Shacks & The Deva Tap.

I’m looking to expand my client base of small business owners & entrepreneurs. I’ll reward you with cash for your efforts getting the word out, as my way of saying “cheers for mentioning me”.

Referring is free & simple! It costs nothing, just start referring & start earning.

How It Works


Invite Friends

to check out CJR Digital Strategy


You Get £100 Cash

for every recommendation
that helps make a sale

Keep Earning

Got a lot of friends?

You get £100 per referral that results in a sale of a “Your New Website Starter Package”.

You earn the £100 commission for each & every sale that you help drive!

There’s no limit to how much you can earn.

If your referrals get 10 new sales, that means you make £1,000. If your referrals get 20 people, that’s £2,000. And so on. The sky’s the limit.

The Rewards On Offer

When you invite a friend, both you & your mate benefit with this two-sided referral model.

£100 cash

Referrer Reward

You get £100 commission per referral that results in a sale of a “Your New Website Starter Package”.

The commission is paid out to you every time your recommendations help make a sale.

10% off

Referee Reward

Every one of your referred friends is awarded a special 10% discount off their “Your New Website Starter Package”.


Refer an entrepreneur

How do I refer friends?

You can either tell your friends & have them reach out to me, or send their details over to me & I’ll contact them directly.

Tell Your Friends . . .

You can spread the word about CJR Digital Strategy online or offline, any way you like. Get creative.

Here’s some ideas of channels you could use to share the message with your mates:

  • In Person
  • Text Message
  • Email
  • Posting on Social Media
    • Facebook
    • Instagram
    • LinkedIn
    • TikTok
    • Twitter
  • Posting on your Blog or Website
  • Videos
  • Lives

Just be sure:

  • You’re friend knows to mention you by name when they get in touch
  • Give them your preferred contact details (phone number and/or email) so I can arrange the bank transfer

. . . Or . . .

Send Over Your Friends Details

You can also send your friends details over to me & I’ll get in touch with them directly.

Send Friends Details

Convinced & Would Like More Info?

You’re interested in getting started referring & earning.

I’ve provided all the further details about the CJR Digital Strategy Referral Program including “how much money could I earn?” & “how do I get paid?”

More Info

Any Questions?

get in touch

If you feel you have futher questions about the referral program, just give me a call on 07531 634 095.

You can also get in touch by sending a message using my contact form or email

Thanks for helping your friends thrive online.

They Win, You Win.

Because sharing is caring!

Lets all win together.

Your Web Guy,